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NB: Photogenics for Pocket PC does not currently support Windows Mobile 5.0

Photogenics for Pocket PC

Photogenics is an advanced new paint and photo editing package for the Microsoft Pocket PC platform. It is based directly on the high end Windows and Linux versions of the software, but packaged with a friendly user interface specifically designed for the smaller screen size. As a result, Photogenics has an incredible amount of breadth and sophistication for a PDA application. See for yourself by watching the videos further down the page, and downloading the trial version!

Screen Shots
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot



Intro Video
1. Intro.avi (4.5MB)
Media Video
2. Media.avi (4.3MB)
FireEye Video
3. FireEye.avi (2.7MB)
(Videos were captured using the Pocket PC emulator, then slowed down to approximate the speed of an iPAQ)

System Requirements

Photogenics works well on almost all Pocket PC devices, including the Compaq iPAQ, Casio Cassiopeia, HP Jornada, and Palmax Amigo. The HP Jornada 525 is not recommended due to it only displaying 256 colours. 1.5MB of storage space is required for installation, and 2MB of program memory is required to run. Editing large images will require additional amounts of memory, from 0.5MB for 240x320 images, 2.1MB for 640x480, 6MB for 1024x768, 13MB for 1600x1200, up to 21.5MB for 2048x1536. In digital camera terms, you will need roughly 7MB per mega-pixel.

Recent Reviews
"Photogenics is head over heels above other imaging products that I have used and is currently available today. It truly does show off the incredible power of the Pocket PC platform in the graphics arena for advanced image editing. The program is simply AMAZING and I have only just started experimenting with it."
- Dale Coffing,

"Photogenics is not an utility as the others. It brings to the iPAQ all the power of its algorithms to transform our favourite Pocket PC into a tool of unmatched graphic creation. It is necessary to see it to believe it, filters and special effects apply effortlessly?. A surprise and a delight for the eyes which can only flatter your artistic inspiration. The iPAQ has henceforth its Photoshop! Photogenics is a sure value and represents the best of tools dedicated to the professional graphic designers on PocketPC!"
- Frédéric Beaufrère,

"I found it to be comparable to Adobe Photoshop and yes, it has most of the functions that the very popular desktop software offers! Not only will you be able to manipulate pictures as efficiently as in Photoshop but you'll benefit from the use of the stylus, allowing you to create custom graphics. Photogenics is simply amazing. Name what you'd like a graphic application to be able to do on a PocketPC and Photogenics probably has it!!! If you are like myself and use graphic applications almost everyday, this program is for you!!!.... Never mind that, every PocketPC user should get it!!!!" - Sam Wagner,

"This advanced paint and photo editing tool was designed for the smaller screen size of your PDA, without taking away the functionality. Let Photogenics amaze you with its incredible sophistication. This is quite rare compared to the competition. This is a wonderful program with many surprising features. It goes above and beyond all expectations!" -, 5/5 Rating.

"Here's the next best thing to having Photoshop on your Pocket PC - Photogenics. This remarkable app lets you color, clone, filter, paint, and manipulate images right on the small screen. Amazing but true. And the interface design is remarkably roomy, so you can actually create and edit images on the fly. I never dreamed I'd enjoy editing an image on my Pocket PC. Photogenics is a little pocket miracle."
- Dingbat Magazine

"Is Photogenics for Pocket PC worth getting? Without a doubt yes! If you own a digital camera or/and you are into graphics, then this is the tool for you. For me this will be a great tool when traveling with my digital camera. I will be able to edit my pictures directly on my iPAQ and then send them off by email to friends and family. I no longer need to transfer my digital images to my PC and edit them there, and I no longer need to carry my heavy laptop around for this purpose."
-, 5/5 Star Rating.

"Photogenics is probably the BEST image editing software available for the Pocket PC. In fact, I think the only applications that even come close to the capabilities found in Photogenics would be desktop softwares!"

"I love Photogenics. It has a steady place on my Pocket PC and I just love the ability to edit my images everywhere I want. In the bus, the train or the plane, I find myself busily creating masterpieces. When someone asks me which image processor for the Pocket PC I would recommend, my answer would definitely be 'Photogenics' "
- Björn Eike Schwarz,