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Idruna Software's Photogenics is an exciting new graphics package for Windows, Linux, and AmigaOS. It allows you to create stunning images, either from scratch or by modifying existing pictures. It can be used for everything from simple file conversion, to advanced photo manipulation and re-touching. It also offers extremely realistic and easy to use media such as pencils, chalk and watercolours, which allow you to create stunning masterpieces in minutes.

Photogenics is based on innovation. At its core, it works on images unlike any other product. Nothing you draw is permanent, everything can be rubbed out as easily as it was drawn, and tweaked to perfection. This freedom allows you to experiment to a level never before seen.

Windows Version Screen Shots
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Linux Version Screenshots
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Amiga Version Screenshots
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Unparalleled levels of creativity from being able to modify the colour, transparency, image processing mode, and even the position of what you have drawn, all in real time!

Realistic Media tools such as Airbrush, Chalk, Pencil, Sponge, Watercolour, Smudge and Smear, that are designed to look and feel good using just a standard mouse.

Exclusive Paint Layer technology allows mistakes to be rubbed out without having to redo the parts you like, simply by fading out with the right mouse button.

Paint-on Image Processing allows the user to apply over 70 effects simply by drawing with any of the media tools. Being able to just airbrush everything on (and off!) allows instant touch ups without the need for tedious masking.

Stunning Paint-On Pyrotechnics such as lens-flares, fire, and explosions. Combine these effects with smear to produce supernovas, waves of fire, and even sunsets and waterfalls.

Invaluable tools for web designers, such as HTML colour display and entry, plus the time saving - Save for the Web? requestor, which allows the fine tuning of graphics for the Internet. An interactive preview of what the image looks like after being compressed allows the user to choose the best compromise between image quality and download times.

Advanced yet easy to use Alpha channel support. Use any open image as a mask, or simply paint one straight on to the image. Updates to the Alpha channel such as brush strokes are reflected on the main image in real time.

24bit Alpha channels. Only Photogenics lets you use colour Alpha channels, which enable you to independently mask each of the red green and blue channels. Paint on the Alpha with red, and this lets the red component show through, paint on with yellow, and both the red and green channels are updated. Painting with shades of grey produce masking as normal. Create awesome effects by loading in a 24bit Alpha channel and using it to mask image-processing effects.

Text Tool - finally you can just drag a box where you want the text, and type it straight onto any paint layer. Supports bitmapped and scalable fonts, and can anti-alias the text for superior results.

Impressive colour selection facilities, with five colour choosers, RGB and HSV sliders, HTML display and input, and support for 256 colour swatches. You can also pick colours from Images using the Colour Picker tool, and when in Experiment mode, what you have painted is redrawn to reflect the new colour in real time.

Undo/Redo system allows you to go back as far as you specify, so that you have the power of both undo styles.

Unlimited number of easy to use layers allows fast image composition and amazing possibilities.

Innovative and easy to use clutter-free user interface (font sensitive and user scaleable). GUI components can be docked/undocked, and positioned wherever you please for maximum flexibility.

Fully multi-threaded - you?ll never be kept waiting as Photogenics responds instantly to your requests, even while operations are in progress.

Multiple Views - allows you to have as many views of an image as you like, each with its own magnification level.

Transparency Gradients - changes the Filled Rectangle/Ellipse/Polygon tools to apply smooth graduations. Lets you produce very subtle and sophisticated effects where the look builds up gradually from to top to bottom or left to right etc.

Thumbnail Image File Requestor - Images are listed in a user-friendly format with automatically generated thumbnail icons.

Extensive file format support. Supports BMP, EPS, GIF, IFF-DEEP, IFF-ILBM, JPEG, PCD, PCX, PICT, PNG, PPM, PSD, PS, RAS, SGI, TGA, TIFF, XBM, XPM, XWD, TWAIN/SANE, and built-in screen grabbing

System Requirements

Windows Version
Photogenics works well under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and XP. At least a 75mhz CPU, 32Mb RAM, 10Mb hard drive space, and a 16 or 24bit Display is required. In other words, Photogenics will run on pretty much any PC made in the last 5 years. Photogenics supports all TWAIN compatible scanners and digital cameras.

Linux Version
Photogenics works with most Linux Distributions that use glibc2.0, glibc2.1, or glibc2.2, and with any kernel version; for example, RedHat 6.x,7.x, Mandrake 6.x,7.x, Corel Linux, Debian 2.2, Slackware 7.0, and TurboLinux 4.0.

AmigaOS Version
The minimum requirements are a 68030 CPU, 8Mb RAM, Amiga OS 3.0, and a CD ROM drive, but the recommended configuration is a 50mhz 68060 CPU, a 16 or 24bit display, and 16Mb RAM. GIF support and Screen grabbing are currently not implemented in the Amiga version.
Recent Reviews and Awards

CGI Magazine, August 2001
"There's no setting up of modes and layers or fiddling with a dozen selection tools - you just jump right in with your paintbrush. ..Costing less than a mere commercial plug-in, Photogenics 5.0 is probably the most compelling purchase in photo image editing you'll see this year."
- Alistair Dabbs. Full Review

CNet, February 2001
"This is a must-have program for graphic designers and users who appreciate high-end graphics software" - Shawn McKenzie. Awarded 9 out of 10 stars - Editors Choice! Full Review.

Amiga Format, February 2000
"I'll gladly admit that I'm not a good artist, but Photogenics allows me to effortlessly manipulate and retouch images, create logos, and much more. ..You will be hard pushed to find a graphics/art package as incredibly powerful, modern, and innovative. Graphics packages don?t get much more impressive than this one" - Oliver Roberts . 85% rating.

Amiga Active, October 1999
"The fluidity, the speed, and the flexibility of Photogenics gives painting with it a plastic, almost tangible quality. It is an experimenters dream, allowing you to play far more subtly than with most paint packages. The program delivers features that normally seems like a technologists tools in a manner that makes them seem like an artists, and challenges you to paint with your intuition rather than a manual. I can't think of another paint package I have used which presents quite such a range of creative options than Photogenics, and manages to do so in such an unobtrusive manner.. This is the first paint package that has made me loose track of entire nights the way oil painting can; I can't think of much higher praise than that.. If you want the ultimate painter's graphics package, don?t bother looking any further." - Andrew Korn. 9/10 rating, Active Gold Award.

Amiga Format, August 1997
"It is really good. Paul Nolan excelled himself with bringing the seemingly impossible dream, of an Amiga contender to PhotoShop fruition" . Ranked 13th in the 100 best serious products of all time. Multiple Amiga Format Gold Awards.

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